Going the extra mile

BEKO HLV-1000 144 MHz 1kW SSPA


  • 1000W output for 25W drive 144-148MHz
  • All solid state PA with integral power supply
  • Clean, linear output
  • Updated RF board now gives 1dB compression point at 1020 Watts and 77.5% overall efficiency!
  • 100% duty cycle so ideal for FSK/EME operation
  • Protection circuits built in for temp/VSWR/overdrive
  • Light weight - just 10Kg
  • Small footprint
  • TWO year warranty
  • Integral sequencer for masthead preamps

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BEKO HLV-1000 144 MHz 1kW SSPA Front View

  • BEKO HLV-1000 144 MHz 1kW SSPA Rear open View
  • BEKO HLV-1000 144 MHz 1kW SSPA Control board
  • BEKO HLV-1000 144 MHz 1kW SSPA Internal Top View

The BEKO range of Solid State Linear Amplifiers (SSPA) are beautifully engineered units designed to provide effortless power at full output for long periods.

Compared to valve linear amplifiers the BEKO units are lighter, smaller and much more efficient. High spectral purity and low harmonics are design features of the unit.

Do not worry about the risk of 'blowing an output transistor' either - all BEKO units come with protection circuits for high VSWR, overdrive, overload and overheat ensuring that the unit will shut down safely in the event of a fault condition.

Built into the unit is a sequencer circuit to operate a masthead or other LNA. This provides a sequenced changeover from TX to RX to eliminate the risk of RF getting to the LNA. The BEKO units provide a 13,8V output as part of the sequencer to power the LNA unit. You can also select a time delay after PTT for the prime mover transceiver.

 BEKO solid amplifiers are the future of high power instant-on Amateur Radio operation.

Technical data

Frequency range:   144 - 148 MHz
Input power:   3-50W selectable in manufacture (25W as standard)
Output power:   1000 W
1dB compression-point:   1020 W
Harmonics:   -70 dB
Spurious:   -70 dB
Return loss:   20 dB
max. SWR:   1:1,6
Supply voltage:   220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature:   -10 .. 30°C
Dimensions:   300 x 168 x 470 mm
Weight:   10 kg