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RatPak 6 way Remote Antenna Switch 5kW


  • 6 way remote Antenna Switch
  • SO239 (UHF) connectors
  • 5kW Continuous handling
  • WIth controller

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RatPak 6 way remote antenna switch SO239

The Array Solutions RakPak-SO-RC is the popular solution for switching multi antennas remotely. Up to six antennas can be connected to a single feedline and switched remotely from the shack. Covers DC up to 50MHz. 

The RatPak will handle 5kW continuous CW power levels. Unused antennas are grounded when not in use ( this can be altered if required).+


  • Six antennas to one feed line
  • All Aluminum WX proof and R.F. proof construction, no plastic!
  • Micro-Strip PCB architecture 
  • Heavy-duty open frame R.F. relays
  • Supplied with a galvanized U-bolt to mount to the tower leg
  • Surge protection built into the relay box to protect the RATPAK's internal relays
  • Control box is easy to see, and you can write on it or use labels
  • LED indicator of selected antenna
  • Flat SWR from DC to 6 meters
  • 5 kW CCS and 7.5 kW ICAS rating 3:1 SWR 
  • Can be  modified for 12 V DC  sink operation
  • Unused antennas are grounded, but a trace can be cut to open them if desired


Connection from control box in the shack to remote unit needs a 7 way cable. Currents are low so lightweight muilticore cables are fine.