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Rotator Controllers


We are distributors for the full range of Green Heron Engineering rotator controllers.

Suitable for all types of rotator (user configurable) they transform the efficiency in the shack, allow quicker rotation with no extra load on your rotator system due to full PWM control.

Versions are available for Azimuth as well as Alt/Az Rotators.

  • SPID Rot1Prog controller only.

    SPID Rot1Prog Controller Only - USB or RS232

    • Rot1Prog controller for SPID rotators.
    • RAU/RAK/RAEL/BigRAK compatible.
    • Can be supplied with USB or RS232 interface
    Price excl VAT: £120.00 Incl VAT: £144.00
  • RT-21 controller

    Green Heron RT-21 Rotator Controller

    • Rotator controller with integral PSU
    • PWM speed control effective for most rotator types
    • Precision ramp control for smooth starts and stops
    • Manual control using CCW and CW buttons
    • Point and Shoot knob for set and forget operation to 1º precision
    • The ability to correct for mast slippage using OFFSET
    • Computer control via RS-232 or USB to 1/10º  accuracy
    • Precision heading accuracy up to 1/10thº
    Price excl VAT: £520.83 Incl VAT: £625.00
  • RT-21azel controller

    Green Heron RT-21azel Rotator Controller

    • Two separate control boards for independent Azimuth and Elevation
    • New crisp OLED displays
    • Separate Point-and-Shoot Knobs
    • Free GH Tracker for automatic computer control to tenths of degrees with all common tracking programs
    • RT-21 precision speed and ramping with all DC motor rotators
    • Built-in AC power supply for 115/230 VAC mains
    Price excl VAT: £699.00 Incl VAT: £838.80