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144MHz Low Pass Filter


  • 2nd Harmonic suppressed by >50dB
  • 3rd Harmonic suppressed by > 60dB
  • 0.15dB insertion loss
  • N-Type female terminations (others on request)

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144MHz Low Pass Filter

low-pass filter is a filter that passes low-frequency signals but attenuates (reduces the amplitude of) signals with frequencies higher than the cut-off frequency.

Cutoff frequency  150Mhz (-3dB)  

Insertion Loss:  Max 0.15dB 

Return Loss  >30 @ 144MHz 

Attenuation 288MHz  >50dB 

Attenuation 432MHz  >60dB 


Max. RF Power @ 144MHz 1.0kW  

Dimensions mm  140 * 100 * 85 mm 

Weight  1.0 Kg 

Material  Brass / Nickel plated N-Connector  Connectors

Impedance  50 Ohm