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  • 680pF 6kV feed thru capacitor

    Sprague 680pF 6kV feedthru capacitor

    • 680pF feedthru capacitor
    • 6kV rating
    • Ideal for HT feedthru into anode compartment.
    Price excl VAT: £12.99 Incl VAT: £15.59
  • GS35 anode cathode clamp set

    GS-35 Anode/Cathode Brass Band Clamp Set

    • Anode and Cathode clamp straps for GS-35 Valves
    • 1.5mm brass
    • 1 of each in the set
    Price excl VAT: £19.99 Incl VAT: £23.99
  • GS-35B Transmitting Tibe

    GS-35B Transmitting Tube

    • GS-35B transmitting tube.
    • NOS
    • Heater run for 2-3 hours
    • Ready to apply full voltages
    Price excl VAT: £100.00 Incl VAT: £120.00