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  • 12R Teflon coated silver plated wire
  • Perfect for amplifier transmission lines
  • SOLD PER 30CM 

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TC 12 Coaxial Cable

  • TC 12 Coaxial Cable

TC12 is a teflon coated silver plated copper wire coaxial cable most commonly used in amplifier output transmission line networks

  • Impedance 10.77R
  • Voltage rating 600V
  • Temp range -65 to +200C
  • Outer diameter 3.9mm (nominal)
  • Inner core diameter 2.1mm (nominal)

Multi stranded silver plated copper wire conductors.

Extruded teflon dialectric and wrapped teflon tape outer sheath.

Pricing is per 30cms not per metre. We can supply any length in one piece up to 30 metres