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HF Amplifiers


Linear Amp UK Linear Amplifiers

  • Gemini HF-1K Front panel view

    Gemini HF-1K Solid State 1kW HF amplifier

    • 472kHz to 54MHz all bands
    • 1kW Minimum Output 1.8-50MHz
    • Fully automatic Band switching
    • High Spectral Purity
    • Silent full break-in QSK
    • Touch Screen Full Colour LCD Display
    • Remote operation via network interface
    • Three antenna outputs selectable by band
    • 0dBm SMA predistortion output
    • Advanced cooling
    • All aluminium main chassis
    • DUAL NXP BLF188XR LDMOS with Full Protection
    • 100-260V 50-60Hz power input
    • Dimensions 380w x 390d x 230h mm
    • Weight 19Kg
    Price excl VAT: £2,082.50 Incl VAT: £2,499.00
  • Gemini DX1200 Front Panel view with green screen option.

    Gemini DX1200 1.8-70MHz Solid State Linear Amplifier

    • 1.8-70MHz Solid State Linear Amplifier
    • 1200W output 1.8-30MHz (1000W 50MHz, 400W 70MHz)
    • Drive level 50W (10W/25W optional)
    • Fully automatic band selection
    • 3 antenna sockets
    • Vacuum relay QSK switched
    • Dual BLF188XR LDMOS
    • Touch screen full colour display
    • Network connected remote operation
    • Quiet operation
    • +10dBm pre-distortion output
    • 100-260V 50/60Hz supply
    • Dimensions 278w x 157h x 380d
    • Weight 15.5Kg
    Price excl VAT: £2,082.50 Incl VAT: £2,499.00