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MVV1296VOX 23cms Masthead Preamplifier


  • 23cms Masthead Preamplifier
  • 1.5dB NF
  • 20dB Gain
  • 180W SSB/100W FM Handling
  • RF or hard switching

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MVV-1296-VOX 23cms Masthead Preamplfier

  • MVV-1296-VOX 23cms Masthead Preamplfier
  • MVV-1296-VOX graph of noise vs gain


  • 23cms Masthead Preamplifier
  • Frequency Range 1240-1300MHz
  • 1.5dB NF
  • 20dB Gain - adjustable
  • 180W SSB/100W FM Handling
  • RF or hard switching
  • BiasT or direct feed
  • N-Type female connectors
  • Phono socket for separate power.
  • Requires 13.5V at 200mA

These are excellent premplifiers combining good performance with tight bandpass filtering and are not overpriced. Being RF as well as hard switched makes them easy to install and difficult to kill! You can power them via a separate 13.8V line direct to the preamp or BiasT feed them up the coax as you prefer.

The overall gain is adjustable to suit your particular setup so you can optimise it for the feeder length you use and remove the risk of overdriving the front-end of your rig.

Designed for mast-head mounting with a supplied bracket  they are fully weatherproof.