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SPID RAK Azimuth Rotator


  • A medium to heavy duty rotator
  • Up to 3240 lb-inch / 336 Nm torque
  • Equivalent to G-1000/2800 but with digital control
  • Worm gear drive so precise stop with nil backlash
  • Supplied with digital controller
  • Future-proof firmware upgradable via PROM
  • Mast or head unit mounting with adaptor plate

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SPID RAK Azimuth Rotator

The SPID RAK medium to heavy duty azimuth rotator is a solid built design using a double reduction work drive to ensure zero backlash, precise control and yet retain mechanical simplicity.

Supplied complete with multifunction digital controller that provides:

  • 1 degree resolution readout
  • Manual, Automatic, Scanning and Programmable Modes
  • Large Soft Green LED display
  • USB Computer Interface with software supplied including Hygain, Orion and Yaesu emulation modes.
  • Can be zeroed at any position
  • +/- 180 degree over-travel limits with electronic programmable limit control
  • Designed for max 60mm input/output mast/pole
  • Adaptor plate available to mount rotator inside tower head unit.
  •  Power requirements 12-18V (best turning performance at 18V)
  • Turning speed for 360 degrees : 12V - 120 Sec, 18V - 90 Sec